Arbor SChool Summer Homework 2019

As we look back to the fall and trace the paths the current students have taken to the spring, we are aware of the wonderful progress they have made. Staff and students alike have worked hard to arrive at this point. Old Hands are pros at Summer Homework; for our incoming families, welcome to this, your first summer of Summer Homework.

In order to help each student consolidate, maintain, and extend the level of proficiency that has been gained during the school year and to help each child return to school feeling confident and prepared to tackle the first work of the year, the teachers assign work to be completed over the course of the summer.  Further, the project work permits every student, whether or not she or he is new to the class, to enter the first day of school having learned something about a shared topic, creating common ground and a sense of surety and pride about a beginning point.


The projects are designed to be done either intermittently in small portions or in a consolidated manner in a week or two, and many are most effective if completed in late August shortly before school begins. We do NOT wish students to spend disproportionate amounts of time on these projects. Please note the time parameters that may be indicated on the project outlines.

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