Summer Reading Lists

The following titles represent some of the best literature available for children at their individual levels.  We offer this list as a summer gift for your family. Titles may be found and checked out by students at the Arbor School library, and most should also be available at your public library and local bookstore. We’ve annotated a selection of books to get you started, and the comprehensive list compiled and added to over the course of several years follows. 

Some helpful tips for promoting reading and the love of books in kids (from Raising Kids Who Read, by Daniel T. Willingham.

  • Make it easy to access books.
  • Help your child find a good time and place to read.
  • Encourage and promote the habit of ongoing pleasure reading at home.
  • Read as a family--whether aloud, or everyone silently reading their own book in the same room. 
  • Be a model of love of reading and love of knowledge.