Physical Education

At Arbor, P.E. is more than just physical activity. It encompasses both physical development and character development. In addition to general fitness and skills proficiency, P.E. aims to develop life-enhancing habits: an appreciation for being active, an understanding of the need for proper care of the body, and a spirit of inclusive and creative collaboration. This program takes as its core mission the development of sportsmanship: observing the rules of play; treating other participants with fairness, generosity, and encouragement; and winning or losing with grace.

Arbor P.E. is not designed to serve as a pre-competitive sports program, but older students have occasional opportunities—an invitational track meet at Catlin Gabel, an annual friendly soccer match with a sister school in Washington—to exercise their skills as a team in competition with other schools.

P.E. classes take full advantage of Arbor's outdoor spaces, which include several soccer fields, a bark-chip track, a cross-country course, and basketball courts.