Arbor School of Arts and Sciences

Cultivating intellect, character, and creativity in a small school setting

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The Community

Arbor School serves children ages five to thirteen. Each class is limited in size to assure individual attention through low student-teacher ratios. Mixed-age grouping is an important feature of Arbor education; we believe that combining ages creates classrooms that focus on individual talents and collaborative learning rather than on grade-level norms.

Children remain with the same teachers for at least two years of their schooling and also form important bonds with older and younger students to create a sense of community that spans all grades.

Diversity in Our Community

One of our core beliefs is that the great human divides can be overcome. At Arbor, greater diversity continues to be a goal and we strive to realize this by living well in common with those who are different from ourselves. We hope to develop an ever greater understanding of what it means to be an inclusive community. Our well-considered curriculum, led by teachers trained toward cultural competency, immerses students in studies of a broad array of peoples, cultures, religions, and philosophies. Among our students, one finds individuals of varying intellectual strengths, skill sets, personalities and temperaments, beliefs, races, gender identities, family structures, cultures, and economic backgrounds. Students are embraced by our faculty as young ones to be nurtured as they become themselves, as individuals to be known and respected, and as members of a caring and learning community. Across the school, we share a belief in possibility and a commitment to an education that seeks to cultivate character, intellect, and creativity.

About Arbor School

Founded in 1989, Arbor School of Arts & Sciences is an independent K-8 school located on 21 acres of wooded farm land in Tualatin, Oregon.

Arbor is also home to the Arbor Center for Teaching (ACT), a two-year teacher residency program which offers an innovative teaching apprenticeship in a laboratory school setting. ACT also publishes the Arbor Algebra Series and a series of guides to our thematic curriculum.

Located on 21 acres of wooded farmland...

Sitting just outside of Portland's Urban Growth Boundary, our campus retains the rural character of the original 5-acre horse farm with which we began in 1989.  The buildings we have constructed over the years have a rustic and functional aesthetic, and all our classrooms provide ample natural light and views of our forests, fields, and gardens.
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Arbor School library

Arbor School library