Country Store Donations

Your homemade contributions are needed!

The Arborfest Country Store is a showcase for the creativity and DIY spirit of the entire Arbor community -- with students, alumni, family, faculty and staff contributing all manner of things handmade and homegrown. The money we raise at the Store helps pay for things like new Senior science tables, emergency preparedness supplies, and visits from guest authors.

Please consider donating or making something that we can sell at the Store. Not sure what to make? Here are some fun and easy ideas. Last year's contributions included felt headbands, handmade jewelry, wooden cutting boards and many wonderful food items (jam, cookies, breads, sauces!). 

Still not sure what to donate? Consider volunteering! The store is staffed entirely by volunteers. Among the tasks that require helping hands are setup, pricing, cashiering, and teardown. Most of the volunteer work begins the day before Arborfest and continues through to the end of the event on Saturday.

Let us know what you plan to make or sign up to volunteer!

Please deliver your items to Music East no later than Wednesday, September 25th (special arrangements can be made for more perishable items and very large items— just let us know). When dropping off your items please fill out a form to leave with them.  If you’ve already filled out this online form, then just include your name, description, and number of items.

A word about pricing.  We ask on the online form to include a suggested price.  Admittedly, this can be hard to determine for our own work, but just do your best.  We will review all the items before they go into the store to make sure that similar prices are given to similar items.  We do keep in mind that some things like jewelry or labor intensive crafts may have special pricing. Also keep in mind that some items are intended to be priced affordably for young kids to purchase. In this case, labor intensity and cost may not necessarily go hand in hand.  We do our best at this, and carefully consider all pricing, but if you have feedback you’d like to give us about the pricing on your particular item please contact Jill or Shveta to go over it in more detail.

Question or ideas? Contact Shveta Miller ( ) or Jill Cropp (