Community Choir - Winter Solstice 2017-2018

Dear Parents, Faculty, Staff and friends of Arbor School, 

Below please find the songs, lyrics, sheet music, and recorded vocal parts for our January 17th solstice performance. I am happy to meet with you before or after school if you'd like to meet before we assemble as a larger group. 

Rehearsal times are below.  Please choose one or the other (or both!). Contact me if these days and times don't work for you; we'll sort it out together.

Tuesday January 9

Thursday, January 11

We'll meet for a final run-through at 5:45 Solstice evening, January 17th. 

Solstice Recitation for 6s / 7s / 8s

This Is Our Time For Singing - Lyrics (Click here for sheet music)

Make music everlasting, make music everlasting
Fa la la….
So ben ch’ e favorito, so ben ch’e favorito

Fa la la….

Come join us all day long, come join us all day long
Fa la la…
Ahi-me no’l posso dir, ahi-me no’l posso dir,
Fa la la………

This is our time for singing, this is our time for singing
Fa la la la…
So ben mi cha’a bon tempo, so ben mi ca bon tempo
Fa la la la…

We fill our day with song, we fill our day with song
Fa la la….

Al so ma basta mo, al so ma basta mo
Fa la la….

Full Song:



Baritone / Bass

Longest Night

Light of our hearts' fires burning bright
We dream of the spring this winter's night
Surely the earth is turning
Is turning from dark to light.

Gathered friends in rev'rence here
To celebrate the longest night.


Gaudeamus Hodie

Stairway to the Sun

Click here to watch a video of songwriter, dancer, and instrumentalist Evie Ladin with her wonderful take on Shel Silverstein's poem, "The Stairway."


I climbed the stairway to the sun
Filled my eyes with burning gold.
And the air was dark and dank,
And the sky was damp and gold,
Far below the earth shone bright.
I stopped and stared in wonder. Then,
I climbed back down – I don’t think I
Will climb those stairs again.

Home (Click here for chords and lyrics)

This is not a community choir song, but rather a song for a few adults and Senior singers and instrumentalists to practice with.